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Session 36

OESO-SEMPIRE 16th World Conference | Esophagus 2024 | Strasbourg | April 23-26, 2024 | Venue: IRCAD France

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Session 36: Pathology 2

Friday, April 26, 4:00 – 5:30 pm
Auditorium Lindbergh

Esophageal carcinoma‚Äč
ChairsDhanpat Jain (USA)  Rupert Langer (France)

  1. Should we routinely test for DNA-MMR/MSI esophageal carcinoma (SCC/Adenocarcinoma)Florence Renaud (France)
  2. Should we routinely test for SMARC4/INI in esophageal carcinomas – Monika Tripathi (Canada)
  3. Should we test for PDL-1 in esopageal carcinoma (SCC/Adenoca) and how to report PDL-1 – Paul E. Swanson (USA)
  4. What is the status of claudin 18.2 testing in esophageal carcinomaDhanpat Jain (USA)
  5. What are the next diagnostic/prognostic and therapeutic biomarkers for esophageal carcinoma after claudin 18.2 and PD-L1? – Florence Renaud (France)
  6. Any role of reporting "Her2 low" in GEJ adenocarcinomaMaha Guindi (USA)
  7. What is the role of NGS in esophageal carcinoma?Rupert Langer (Austria)
  8. What is upcoming and novel biomarkers for progression in BE and dysplasia?Catherine J. Streutker (Canada)
  9. What is the current status of AI and ML application in the pathologic diagnosis of esophageal carcinomaBastian Dislich (Switzerland)
  10. What is the current status of AI and ML application in assesment of tumor regression post neo-adjuvant treated esophageal carcinomaDeyali Chatterjee (USA)
  11. What is the role of liquid biopsy in esophageal carcinoma?Bastian Dislich (Switzerland)