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Session 24

OESO-SEMPIRE 16th World Conference | Esophagus 2024 | Strasbourg | April 23-26, 2024 | Venue: IRCAD France

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Session 24: Emerging Innovation, AI, and Digital Technology in Esophagology

Thursday, April 25, 4:00 – 5:30 pm
Auditorium Lindbergh

Chairs: Eric D. Shah (USA) – Austin L. Chiang (USA)

  1. How do you cross the chasm to adopting new esophageal technologies? – Eric D. Shah (USA)
  2. How do you commercialize your idea into a new technology? – Austin L. Chiang (USA)
  3. Multi-Scale Medical Robotics Center: How can you simulate new surgical esophageal innovations? – Hon Chi Yip (Hong Kong)
  4. How artificial intelligence will revolutionize minimally invasive surgery? – Jacques Marescaux (France)
  5. How do you translate open surgery to new minimally invasive foregut surgery techniques? – Rishindra M. Reddy (USA)
  6. What is the next big medical device in esophagus care? – Lee L. Swanström (France)
  7. Is artificial intelligence useful to identify Barrett’s esophagus? 
  8. Can artificial intelligence be leveraged to identify esophageal motility disorders? – Pierfrancesco Visaggi (Italy) 
  9. How can digital apps augment esophageal care delivery? – Kristle L. Lynch (USA)