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Session 30

OESO-SEMPIRE 16th World Conference | Esophagus 2024 | Strasbourg | April 23-26, 2024 | Venue: IRCAD France

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Session 30: EGJOO (Esophago-Gastric Junction Outflow Obstruction) in 2024

Friday, April 26, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Rooms C.L.E.M.

Chairs: Justin C. Y. Wu (Hong Kong) – Kristle L. Lynch (USA)

  1. Is EGJOO an achalasia spectrum disorder? – Enrique Coss-Adame (Mexico)
  2. How do you identify anatomical EGJOO? – Stefano Siboni (Italy)
  3. What is the role of opioids in EGJOO? – Christopher D. Velez (USA)
  4. How should FLIP be used in suspected EGJOO? – Abraham Khan (USA)
  5. How can HRM provocative maneuvers be leveraged to diagnose EGJOO? – Pierfrancesco Visaggi (Italy)
  6. Is medical management feasible in motor EGJOO? – Kristle L. Lynch (USA)
  7. Is pneumatic dilation useful in EGJOO? – Joshua Sloan (USA)
  8. Which EGJOO patients need a myotomy? – Stefano Siboni (Italy) 
  9. What is the prognosis of EGJOO? – Sravanya Gavini (USA)
  10. EGJOO in 2024: where do we go from here? – C. Prakash Gyawali (USA)