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OESO-SEMPIRE 16th World Conference | Esophagus 2024
| April 23-26, 2024
 | Venue: IRCAD France

Thank you to our Sponsors and Exhibitors


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Interested in becoming a Partner or Exhibitor

As a sponsor of the 16th World Conference “Esopghagus 2024”, you will gain access to a renowned and innovative
conference which is caracterised by its:

  • Polydisciplinarity, bringing together clinical and fundamental disciplines at the highest level,
  • The in-depth dissection of a subject through 5-minute answers to several hundred questions developed in the various disciplines,
  • The international nature of these congresses, with participants from 40 to 60 countries.

There are various opportunities for sponsors to participate in the 16th World Conference “Esopghagus 2024” to fit the needs of all types of businesses.

For further information about sponsorship, please contact Aurélie Baulan at to discuss your options.

About OESO and the OESO-SEMPIRE Platform

Since its creation, OESO has represented a unique joint endeavor, and its multi-disciplinary approach has given to this network a particular place in the international community. 
By its original, multi-disciplinary nature, by its international assembly of leading specialists from 19 disciplines, all interested in a single organ, the esophagus, OESO has gained a particular place as a body for clinical and fundamental research, and this Organization has progressively attained the status of a world reference in the domain of esophagology.
The OESO-SEMPIRE Platform, set up with the University of Stanford, is a unique initiative, grounded on the OESO global network of 30 Pilot Centers Centers of Excellence scattered over the five parts of the world.
The goal of the Platform is to provide qualified training and expertise at the highest level in Esophagology, benefiting from the stamp of prestigious Institutions representing exceptional references in this domain.
Created for exchanges of surgeons or practitioners, whether they are experts or trainees, the OESO-SEMPIRE Platform has been equipped from the outset with state-of-the-art facilities for effective training, theoretical and practical, in the Pilot Centers belonging to the network.
The programs are designed to encourage and maintain interactive exchanges between clinicians, researchers and technicians from the five parts of the world.
This unique, joint endeavor henceforth renders tangible, and directly useful in daily practice, the very specific achievement of a network of excellence bringing together, in each discipline, many of the most prominent representatives of gastroenterology in the world.

The OESO congresses (see

Since the first one, each of the 15 OESO congresses already organized has owed its success to its innovative character,
Polydisciplinarity, bringing together clinical and fundamental disciplines at the 
highest level,
the in-depth dissection of a subject through 5-minute answers to several hundreds 
questions developed in the various disciplines,
the international nature of these congresses, with participants from 40 to 60 countries.
The number of participants reached 4,200 at the 15th congress in Beijing, but never less than 400 to 600 registrants in the preceding ones.

The 16th World Conference

is built on the basis of the OESO-SEMPIRE Platform which coordinates the
educational activities of a network of 30 Pilot Centers of Excellence in Esophagology worldwide.
Everything is underway to make this 16th congress a set of privileged moments of exchange 
between representatives of all the disciplines in which OESO is involved.
  • This congress will be held in an exceptional venue: the Ircad in Strasbourg, Jacques Marescaux’s first achievement in what was to become a worldwide unmatched network.
  • The scientific program will be exceptional, with an innovative core program of Q&A sessions and a full day devoted to practical training in surgery and robotic assistance. 
  • The congress will also be exceptional for what it has to propose to the industry:
  • The Auditorium Léon Hirsch (133 seats) will be offered during the three afternoons of the congress (2:00-5:30 pm) to one of our partners to organize a "Grand Symposium" on one of three broad topics: Oncology – Motility – Acid blockers.
    • The auditorium will be fully equipped (lighting, sound, video, technical personnel).
    • Each firm may be assisted in its choice of speakers by members of the Scientific Committee of the congress.
    • Each organizing firm will have a small meeting room at its disposal for the entire day of the Symposium to prepare the speakers’ presentations.
    • Each firm will also have access to the desk screen (200x120 cm) in the lobby, to be used 1 day at its convenience.
    • Advance publicity for the Symposium, and the choice of invited guests, will be left to the initiative of the firm.
    • A position paper, or a review article, will be written after the Symposium, and published for wide distribution.
  • Other very large screens (lobby, desk, cafeteria) will also be available to our partners in this brochure, with a long series of sponsorship proposals to mark their presence during the congress.
OESO would very much like to count your firm among its partners 
for the resumption of its world conferences.