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Session 1

OESO-SEMPIRE 16th World Conference | Esophagus 2024 | Strasbourg | April 23-26, 2024 | Venue: IRCAD France

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Session 1: ENT: Laryngopharyngeal Reflux

Wednesday, April 24, 9:00 – 10:30 am
Auditorium Léon Hirsch

Chairs: Jonathan Bock (USA) – Nikki Johnston (USA)

  1. Is HEMII-pH the gold-standard diagnostic tool for LPR? – Jennifer Aoun (Belgium)
  2. Why does the clinical presentation and treatment response of patients with suspected LPR vary? – Inna Husain (USA) 
  3. How does pepsin cause mucosal damage in the context of weakly or nonacid refluxate? – Tina Samuels (USA) 
  4. What is the status of pepsin inhibitors for the treatment of LPR? – Nikki Johnston (USA)
  5. What is the evidence of surgical fundoplication and Linx system in gastro-esophago-laryngopharyngeal reflux? – Edgar F. Figueredo (USA) 
  6. What is the role of the UES in LPR? – David M. Richards (USA)