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Opening Ceremony

Tuesday, April 23, 6:00 pm 
Auditorium Kagame‚Äč

Opening Ceremony

Master of Ceremony: Roger P. Tatum (USA)  

  1. George Triadafilopoulos (USA) – President of Honor of OESO
    President of the Advisory Board of the OESO-SEMPIRE Platform
  2. Robert Giuli (France) – Founder of OESO, Deputy Executive Director
  3. Jacques Marescaux (France) – President of Ircad 
  4. Stefan P. Mönig (Switzerland) – Co-President of the congress 
  5. John O. Clarke (USA) – Co-President of the congress
  6. Nikki Johnston (Milwaukee) – Administrator of the OESO-SEMPIRE Platform
  7. Walter W. Chan (Boston) – Director of programs 
  8. Reginald C. W. Bell (USA) – Chair and Past President, American Foregut Society 
  9. Silvana Perretta (France) – Professor of Surgery
  10. Hiroshi Mashimo (USA) – President of OESO

  11. Jean-Pierre Luminet (France) – Emeritus Professor

  12. Choreography Bruno Bouché (France)




Opening ceremony