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19 CME credits (EACCME®)

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Welcome message from Robert Giuli

OESO, with the OESO-SEMPIRE Platform of Excellence in Esophagology, continues to be a trail blazer.
After the interruption of its congresses imposed by the Covid pandemic, a new model of education came forward with the OESO-SEMPIRE Virtual Educational Channel proposed on the web, in all fields of Esophagology.

And today, OESO is responding to the wish expressed by the international scientific community to return to our congresses, resuming its programs always meticulously prepared, animated by the very particular spirit shared by the members of "the esophageal family" when they get together...

The 16th World Conference is underpinned by the OESO-SEMPIRE Platform which coordinates the educational activities of a network of Pilot Centers of Excellence in Esophagology worldwide. 
Among the 36 sessions of this program, you'll note 6 thematic sessions, each lasting 3 hours and based on the traditional OESO Question & Answer format.
You will also be interested in a full day of hands-on training in MIS and Robotics, offered at the state-of-the-art facilities of Ircad in Strasbourg.
With several other sessions tackling a variety of fields, and with an auditorium devoted each day to innovations in a “Grand Symposium”, everything is set up to make this 16th congress a succession
of privileged moments of exchange between representatives of all the disciplines in which OESO is involved.

And, as usual, the extra-scientific program will be as exceptional as the congress sessions themselves.

Next Spring, three days and three evenings, in a city and in a region that will remain imprinted on your memories.

Robert Giuli

Professor of Surgery
Founder and Deputy Executive Director of OESO


Know About The

OESO 2024

The 36 sessions of the program will be distributed as follows:

  • Each day, after lunch, a “Grand Symposium” (3 hours) will be devoted to Innovations in the Léon Hirsch Auditorium.
  • 6 thematic sessions, each lasting 3 hours, will apply the traditional Q&A OESO format.
  • The first hour of each session is entitled "Introduction to the questions".
    The leaders of the remaining 2 hours are brought together on stage, to discuss the specific issues that they have chosen to bring up on the theme. They can also refer to some of their recent work, and may wish to show video extracts to support their choice of questions and speakers.
  • The 2 following hours will be divided in 2 parts: 30 minutes for 6 answers to 6 sharp questions, according to the OESO format, and 30 minutes for discussion, possibly also open to a virtual floor.
  • The specific character of the OESO-SEMPIRE format should resound strongly.
  • 3 sessions (9hrs) will be organized at the Ircad Center in Strasbourg, for training in surgery (trainees to experts), training in endoscopy and robotics (trainees to experts).   

A number of additional sessions will also reflect the basic, multidisciplinary structure of OESO:

  •       Session on Techniques and Tips in Esophagology, 
  •       Tutorial in Pathology,
  •       Session for the presentation of research projects,
  •       Session for the activities of the 30 Pilot Centers of the Platform, 
  •       Session left at the initiatives of young investigators.
  •       Session entitled “Most important esophageal issues affecting my country”.

A one hour session offered to a Guest Esophageal Society will end the Conference.

  April 23-26, 2024

  Ircad, Strasbourg, France

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In Association with

Stanford Medicine SEMPIRE

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Why Join Us?

  • Because this is the resumption of the OESO congresses after the long covid pandemic,
  • Because you'll be sharing 3 days with people from all over the world, experts or trainees in all areas, surgeons, gastroenterologists, endoscopists, in an impressive setting, and with an exceptional scientific program,
  • Because you'll be in contact with KOLs from all disciplines and you will have a rare opportunity to do some networking with them,
  • Because Alsace is a beautiful region, Strasbourg is a splendid city, and there will be escapades and visits offered before, during, and after the congress that will leave you with long lasting memories…
  • Yes! because the 16th OESO congress will stand out in your memory,
Get in a mood of high expectation,
We are preparing a fine welcome!

Robert Giuli

Welcome message from George Triadafilopoulos

OESO: a revolution in constant evolution.
6 strategic questions for the OESO-Stanford SEMPIRE Platform


Welcome message from Hiroshi Mashimo

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Welcome message from John O. Clarke

On behalf of the Permanent Scientific Committee of OESO, I am delighted to welcome you to the 16th OESO World Congress, which will be held in Strasbourg (France). Founded by the Romans in 12 B.C. on the left bank of the Rhine in the historic Alsace region of France, READ MORE


Welcome message from Stefan P. Mönig

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